Insurance Coverages

Nobody appreciates being the victim of any kind of accident. Whether it’s a shark bite in the ocean, a stray tree branch falling on your head in the forest, a rogue bonfire in your own backyard that gets out of control, or anything in between, accidents do happen. In the aftermath of such an event, the last thing in the world you will want to have to add to your problems is having to bear the full brunt of an expensive medical bill. That would be the ultimate form of adding insult to injury!


That’s where Swamp Fox Insurance Agency comes into play. We proudly offer a wide array of different types of coverage so that you can select an insurance plan that works for you. Just tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re looking for, and we’ll get right to work finding an insurance plan that fits.

Personal and Family Property

The last thing in the world you want to do after disaster strikes your personal life is pay a monstrous sum of money out of your own pocket to fix the damage. 

Swamp Fox Insurance Agency sets out to make sure that this doesn’t happen, and that the various components of your personal life are covered by insurance. Between a house, a car, an RV or mobile home, a pet, and anything else that is personal to you, you likely have quite an assortment of assets that need to be taken care of. We make certain to provide personal insurance that covers what you need to be covered.

Small Commercial Property

By the same token, small commercial businesses can ill-afford to be without insurance. Various insurance plans offered by Swamp Fox Insurance Agency can cover a small business from events such as property theft or vandalism, client lawsuits, or injuries to employees or clients on company property. Swamp Fox Insurance Agency takes time to get to know your business and learn about its needs before selecting a coverage plan that fits.

Forestry Industry

Though we are proud to provide a widely diverse range of policies, Forestry Industry Insurance is our specialty. We are the only endorsed agency of the South Carolina Timber Producers Association. We also belong to numerous forestry associations throughout the southeastern United States, including the Southeast Wood Producers Association, the Alabama Forestry Association, the American Loggers Association, and more.

Loss Control

One of the few certainties in this uncertain world is that things will not always go the way that you want. Unfortunate fate is bound to befall individuals and companies at some point, and thus, you’d like to at least be prepared for this. Swamp Fox Insurance Agency can’t stop these unfortunate occurrences from taking place, but what we can do is provide your company with coverage that can limit the financial damage.