South Carolina drivers must understand and comply with auto insurance laws to protect themselves and others. Therefore, auto insurance in Moncks Corner & Charleston is a critical safeguard for drivers.

However, it’s essential to understand the factors that can void an auto insurance policy to ensure you remain protected on the road. This blog post by Swamp Fox Agency will explore the key factors that can cancel your auto insurance policy under South Carolina law.

What Factors Can Void Your Auto Insurance in Moncks Corner & Charleston?

Non-Payment of Auto Insurance Premiums 

Among common reasons for policy cancellation is the non-payment of premiums. South Carolina law allows insurance providers to cancel a policy if the policyholder fails to pay the premiums on time. Keep a record of your premium payments and communicate with your insurer if you face financial difficulties.

Providing False Driver & Vehicle Information for Auto insurance in Moncks Corner & Charleston

Misrepresentation or providing false information on your insurance application can lead to a voided policy. It’s vital to be truthful and accurate when applying for insurance to prevent the cancellation of your policy.

Intentional Acts

Engaging in intentional acts that lead to accidents or damage may void your policy. South Carolina law allows insurers to deny coverage when accidents occur due to illegal activities or deliberate harm. Be mindful of your actions on the road to ensure your insurance remains valid.

Failure to Notify Changes | Auto insurance in Moncks Corner & Charleston

It’s essential to inform your insurer of any significant changes in your circumstances, such as a change of address or modifications to your vehicle. Failure to do so can result in a voided auto insurance policy. Keep your insurer updated to ensure your policy accurately reflects your current situation.

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Unapproved Vehicle Use

Using your vehicle for purposes not covered by your policy can lead to cancellation of coverage. For instance, if you use your car for commercial purposes without the appropriate coverage, your insurer may void your policy.

Driving Without a Valid License

If you’re caught driving without a valid license, your insurer may void your policy, leaving you without coverage in the event of an accident.

Criminal Activity

Engaging in criminal activities while operating your vehicle can void your insurance policy. South Carolina law allows insurers to deny coverage if accidents occur while the policyholder commits a felony. Avoid illegal activities to maintain your insurance coverage.

While the SC statutes may not outline every scenario of policy voidance, adhering to these principles ensures that you remain protected and compliant with your insurer’s terms and conditions. Doing so allows you to drive confidently, knowing you have the coverage you need when it matters most.

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